Love Your Mind, Love Your Life


Bring your emotional being into a Loving, Heart Centered space…

Join Keith as he takes you on a journey to release the 5 core negative emotions of anger, fear, sadness, guilt and conflict. Also, discover how to put a goal into your future and see it successfully manifest.

Time Line Therapy™ techniques enable you to gain control of your emotional life, making it easy to eliminate disabling emotional reactions. Imagine moving beyond outbursts of rage, bouts of apathy and depression, sadness, hurt, fear and anxiety to calm, resourceful, happy and motivated states of mind.

Beliefs and decisions like ‘I can’t make enough money’, ‘I’ll never achieve my ideal weight’, ‘I can’t have a successful career and a satisfying relationship” disappear for good.

You’ll learn Time Line Therapy™ techniques for removing the limiting self beliefs and decisions that prevent people from creating their lives the way they want them.

In any given moment, all that we experience is “now”. The Past is not physically tangible and the Future hasn’t been written yet. Does this make them less real? No, they are very real inside our heads. Since all we can experience is “now” we can change our experience of it by either changing the past influences and/or the probability from the future. Either will change our projection into “now”, therefore change HOW we experience “now”. So, how do we change the past influences?

Our past experiences do determine who we are and how we act. Memories are recorded and stored as we age and with time, they have more and more power and influence. Our Time Line is the memory coding of the brain. It is how people encode and store their memories. It was also determined that our behavior is guided by decisions that we’ve made in the past. Whether conscious or unconscious, these decisions affect our behavior in the present. Our decisions are stored in the Time Line, and through the Time Line we gain access to them.

Time Line Therapy™ will assist you to eliminate phobias, allergies, negative emotions including anger, trauma, fear, anxiety, depression, grief, losses, panic attacks, limiting decisions and others. It also assists you to create your future, to plan your goals and to obtain your desirable outcomes.

Course fee is $350.00

Duration is around 4-5 hrs.

This seminar is held periodically and will always have current dates and information listed here and on our calendar page. Check back often for details and listings.


All services are here to assist you with behavioral change modification and are complementary. They are not meant to replace traditional medicine. If you need a doctor you should see one now. Keith Dykes, CCht, CHI, IHF is a legal Alternative/Complementary Healthcare/Wellness Provider; not a licensed physician.