Reiki Certifications

Some of the 2013 Graduates

Some of the 2013 Graduates





Usui Raku-Kei Advanced Method. Reiki is a method of natural healing. A Japanese word representing universal life energy, that which is all around us. Reiki can safely be used in combination with medical treatment as well as other complementary therapies.

During this session, you will learn:

  • The principles and history of Reiki
  • How to perform Reiki on plants, animals, other people & yourself
  • The proper hand positions in a Reiki session
  • How to channel energy
  • Reiki attunements and symbols and Mastery

Please dress comfortably, as there will be some light physical activity.

Email to reserve your spot, specify date and for directions.

2016 Training Schedule

April 23rd, 30th. June 18th. July 23rd. Other dates will be added later.

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All services are here to assist you with behavioral change modification and are complementary. They are not meant to replace traditional medicine. If you need a doctor you should see one now. Keith Dykes, CCht, CHI, IHF is a legal Alternative/Complementary Healthcare/Wellness Provider; not a licensed physician.