Keith and Intuition

Keith is an intuitive/medium living in the Atlanta Metro area. He began his journey of “knowing” at an early age. It wasn’t until his late 20′s that he fully opened his abilities and began using them to assist others in healing their lives. He has served thousands of clients globally for more than a decade.  His ability to communicate with spirit or sense energy around others is unique and is always changing.

Once Keith learned he had these abilities he began to fine tune them. He prefers to use his abilities to assist others in healing their lives. Understanding the sensitive nature of loosing a loved one, ending a marriage or career and hoping to find closer in that subject can be very painful. Being a medium is a lot like being a messenger for spirit. Keith enjoys the process as it feels like connecting dots for his clients.

Over the years Keith began his study of Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Coaching and NLP. This lead him to realize his abilities also allowed him to sense human emotion in a clinical setting. Time after time in session work he would get the answers before or a direction well before it came. Over time he began to write down the impressions down in the client notes. This allowed him to develop a unique approach to therapeutic work that has been highly successful.