Hypnosis Certifications


Some of the 2013 Graduates

Some of the 2013 Graduates


2015 Training Schedule


Schedule: 10am-1pm Class (bring a snack),  Break 1pm-2:30pm
(lunch on your own or with the group) 2:30pm-6:00pm Class

50-hr certification training modules are as follows:

• Level 1 – 50 hours: Hypnotist: principals and practices of hypnotism $998

• Level 2 – 100 hours: Master Hypnotist $998

• Level 3 – 150 hours: Hypnotherapist $998

IHF recommends 15 hours of continuing education per year.

Don’t miss this opportunity to study with Keith Dykes, CHI, the only certified instructor for the International Hypnosis Federation (IHF) in Georgia. Keith is also the only IHF Approved School in Georgia. Certification programs are structured for anyone who is interested in harnessing the power of the mind for themselves, their family, and their friends, to enhance other professions or as a career path. Hypnosis is a useful tool for Educators, therapists, counselors, hypnotherapists, health care workers, dentists, doctors, clergy, customer service representatives and anyone who wants to be proactive in life.

This series will enable you to step outside the box to help others and yourself, mentally, physically and financially. Professional Hypnotherapist Training provides direct supervised instruction in the practice of hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

You’ll learn simple tools that bring about positive change. Many say that each certification course not only gave them an opportunity to practice hypnosis, but truly transformed their life. That’s because hypnosis allows you to tap the super-conscious part of yourself that knows exactly what you need to do to have what you want.

What You Will Learn:

• Fundamentals of hypnosis
• How to easily hypnotize anyone, anytime and any place
• What hypnosis is and how to use it
• How to run a successful hypnosis practice
• Suggestions and deepening techniques

What’s Different about Our Training?

You will learn to be a complete hypnotherapist; from the nuts and bolts of inductions, deepening and suggestions to crisis intervention, healing work and spiritual emergencies. Learn to work with athletes, children and the elderly. How to bust addictions, compulsions, phobias and replace them with emotional and habitual well-being. You can use hypnosis in your own life or help others in all settings, at home, work or play…learn more.

At the end of this certification class you can begin your new and exciting career! Make plans now to reserve your spot in this course. Don’t miss out
on this amazing opportunity.

Continuing Education Recommendations: The International Hypnosis Federation members are requested to keep track of their re-education hours.

IHF recommends 15 hours of continuing education per year.

These may be gleaned as:

• Supervised & evaluated sessions
• Attending a related conference, workshop or training
• Attending chapter meetings
• Writing articles for related journals or publications
• Independent studies and evaluation of related texts
• Teaching related subjects

Email info@keithdykes.com to specify date and for directions.

Fee includes books, materials, certification fee and a one year membership to the International Hypnosis Federation which has an additional membership certification, membership card, newsletter “the Hyp News” and are eligible for special privileges and discounts. As an IHF member you receive a free 25 word listing on www.hynosisfederation.com website and may apply for liability insurance through a major insurance carrier.


All services are here to assist you with behavioral change modification and are complementary. They are not meant to replace traditional medicine. If you need a doctor you should see one now. Keith Dykes, CCht, CHI, IHF is a legal Alternative/Complementary Healthcare/Wellness Provider; not a licensed physician.