Spiritual Counselor Certification

Some of the 2013 Graduates

Some of the 2012/2013 Graduates


Dates will be announced soon. Check back often for details.

Spiritual Counseling Certification Training Designations and hours: Since 1980 IHF has offered education in the art and science of higher self-hypnosis, esoteric studies, enlightenment and super-conscious awareness. Since Spiritual Counseling is a self-regulated legal profession, IHF sets their own standards of training. The International Hypnosis Federation offers 50-hour modules toward 100 hours of training to be an Advanced Certified Spiritual Counselor. The IHF institute’s intensive training modules teach how to use esoteric studies to help yourself and others.

IHF Spiritual Designations & Hours:

Our 50-hour certification training modules are as follows:

Level 1 50 hours: Certified Spiritual Counselor: Prerequisite is Psychic Development 101 hrs will be added to create 50.

Level 2 100 hours: Advanced Certified Spiritual Counselor: Prerequisite is Psychic Development 201 hrs will be added to create 50.

Keith will be teaching a course to become a Certified Spiritual Counselor or Advanced Spiritual Counselor. We will be immersed in Spiritual Classes with a small group for 4 days and will be covering the following topics: Akashic Records, Vision Quests in Nature, Meeting your Guides and Angels, Meeting your Gate Keeper, Self Hypnosis, Edit the Inner Editor or Taming the Inner Critic, Past Life Regression, Regression to your Life’s Purpose or Source of Personality.

Continuing Education Recommendations:
The International Hypnosis Federation members are requested to keep track of their re-education hours.
IHF recommends 15 hours of continuing education per year.

These may be gleaned as:
• Supervised & evaluated sessions
• Attending a related conference, workshop or training
• Attending chapter meetings
• Writing articles for related journals or publications
• Independent studies and evaluation of related texts
• Teaching related subjects

Fee includes books, materials, certification fee and a one year membership to the International Hypnosis Federation which has an additional membership certification, membership card, newsletter “the Hyp News” and are eligible for special privileges and discounts. As an IHF member you receive a free 25 word listing on www.hynosisfederation.com website and may apply for liability insurance through a major insurance carrier.


All services are here to assist you with behavioral change modification and are complementary. They are not meant to replace traditional medicine. If you need a doctor you should see one now. Keith Dykes, CCht, CHI, IHF is a legal Alternative/Complementary Healthcare/Wellness Provider; not a licensed physician.


The Search for Cosmic Consciousness by McGill & Stockwell  Order here.  This will be given at class.

Order here. Will be given at class.

Personal Power Through Awareness: A Guidebook for Sensitive People by Sanaya Roman

Personal Power Through Awareness: A Guidebook for Sensitive People
by Sanaya Roman